Gamers Guild Radio

Our Team

These are the people behind the scenes and at the forefront here at Gamers Guild Radio and are the fuel to our fire to bring you the very best in entertainment!

Gamers Guild Radio DJ Fubar


Fubar here bringing you the best Metal and anything else I feel like playing. Avid gamer and a passion for music its my goal to bring you the best in entertainment!

Gamers Guild Radio DJ Slacker


Your favorite Uncle Slacker is here to rock your socks off with any type of Rock N Roll he is in the mood for! From Death Metal to softer Pop Rock type stuff.

Gamers Guild Radio DJ Gentleman Bastard

Gentleman Bastard

The resident bastard here at Gamers Guild Radio, Fan of all things computer and game related. Here to talk shop and keep things relaxed here at the guild.

Gamers Guild Radio DJ Shaz


The names Shaz. I hail from Ireland, and I'm here to provide you with some good tunes, a bit of a laugh and good times!